Comets and asteroids have with unpredictable repetition crashed into the Earth causing catastrophic destruction without warning. Due to the chaotic nature of the universe, and insufficient data, there have been and are no accurate ways to predict impact probabilities. And it is a certainty, beyond any scientific doubt, that our Earth will be impacted again.

Less than 100 years ago in 1908 a small icy comet, known as the Tunguska event, exploded over Siberia. If it had plowed into Western Europe there would have been no people to fight the First and Second World Wars. The Chicxulab crater in Mexico, Lonar lake in Maharashtra, and a meteorite fall in Piplian Kalan are all examples of objects from an unpredictable universe falling into our planet. In the past asteroid/comet impacts have altered Earth's evolutionary process and in human history destroyed more than one civilization. Can we afford to let this happen again?

This could be here sooner than you think. Invite the Native American astrobiologist Talako to speak to your organization and find out why Mars may have been like the Earth and how the Earth could become as dead as Mars.

A comet or asteroid striking one of a planet's oceans could cause gigantic Tsunamis with a tidal wave face higher than 1000 feet and a splash that could hit the center of continents. It has happened before and it will happen again. However, if humanity acts quickly, before the next evident catastrophe, the nightmare might be avoided.

Click on the word ABSTRACT (button) below and start to learn how the universe was created, how plants and animals came to be, the purpose of human life, why people act the way they do, Earth's destiny, and how you can play an important part in that future. Invite the astrobiologist/educator Talako to your organization. Possessing a lifetime teaching credential and having been repeatedly voted the most humorous and informative instructor by thousands of students he can turn his presentation into an adventure for any group. Talako can directly speak to your organization about his scientific/Native American thesis and explain the past, present, and our future with the same presentation that was designed and created for the Annual 2001, NASA (NAI) meeting in Washington D.C.

If we do not act quickly the fate of our planet, humankind, and all evolved life on Earth could easily be like the dry and dead hot sands and rocks of Mars. If you want to avoid this calamity click on the word ABSTRACT (button) below and learn more about those things in the universe that threaten our world and what we might do to survive. After reading the abstract click the A STILL HIGHER DESTINY (button), the abstract will be supported, and Darwin's DESCENT OF MAN will be investigated. Finally click the HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (button) and everything will come together. Talako can also present to your organization, community, school or any involved group the COSMIC CATASTROPHE SURVIVAL STRATEGY. His presentation is in complete detail, just as it was created for NASA, so you too might learn how to play a part in saving humanity. Get the presentation that was designed and created for the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) Annual 2001, Meeting in Washington D.C., and find out what scientists all over the world expect and fear from outer space.




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Mars was probably impacted by a comet or asteroid 16 million years ago and debris was sent hurtling into space, some of which reached Earth as the Martian meteorite ALH84001 - Image Credit: Nine Planets, The - Mars

The ALH84001 meteorite renewed interest in the search for Martian life. - Image Credit: NASA - 14k

The appearance of gullies, in the Gorgonum Chaos region of Mars, suggests that liquid water has seeped out of the surface in recent geologic time. ? Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Asteroids and comets can be extremely deadly when they strike a planet�s ocean, carving aquatic craters and sending huge tsunami waves in all directions. These tsunamis can wreak destruction on shores thousands of miles away. They are bad news for people living near the coast, but it could be good luck for the rest of mankind: A similar impact on land would throw dust high into the atmosphere which could block sunlight for many months, possibly causing global starvation and mass extinctions. - Image Credit:

Mass extinctions and the demise of the Earth�s dinosaurs are tied to cosmic collisions. - Image Credit:

People are the only life forms that have ever evolved on Earth capable of space flight - Image Credit: International Space Station Gallery

Margarita Marinova, a research assistant at MIT, has an idea that could change the face of Mars forever. She claims that one-hundred factories on the Martian surface, constantly releasing large amounts of PFCs, or super-greenhouse gases, would lead to an increase in temperature similar the climate of Canada's. She claims that in 60 years these PFCs could do the trick ? Image Credit: Life on Mars

An aging solar-type star will eventually expand to a red giant and in the process engulf any close-orbiting planets. If the planets are the mass of Jupiter, or greater, they will have a profound effect on the red giant's evolution. However, an Earth size planet would be of little consequence when engulfed. According to most astronomers this is the ultimate inevitable cosmic catastrophe facing the Earth - Image Credit: Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures



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